About MAA - Traditional Life Style Store

Maa Traditional Lifestyle Store is a manufacturer and retailer of cold pressed oil, (stone pressed), chemical-free, edible oils such as groundnut oil, coconut oil and sesame oil, Mustard Oil, Safflower Oil Castor Oil, and a few essential Oils etc. We use traditional stone chekku to extract the oil at low temperature so that all the micronutrients of the oils are intact. Our aim is to promote a healthy lifestyle by ensuring that our consumers understand the benefits of consuming unadulterated edible oils.

The oils that you use for cooking everything is extracted from seeds, fruits, or vegetables and even nuts. Cold pressing is the method of oil extraction from oilseeds which may include groundnut Seed, coconut Seed and sesame Seed, Mustard Seed, Safflower Seed Castor Seed without really using heat to extract as that may degrade the oil’s flavor and nutritional quality.

Cold pressed oil is extracted by crushing oil seeds in stone. The churner rotates at a slow speed due to which the temperature does not rise beyond 35-degree c during the extraction. Oil extracted using such traditional method remains true to its natural form. Oils extracted at Maa Traditional Lifestyle Store are pure, nutritious-rich in macro and micronutrients without any use of harmful chemicals, preservatives, hexane. There is no heat as stone-cold pressed oil is processed at lower temperatures.

Edible oils of Maa Traditional Lifestyle Store retain all their flavor, aroma & nutritional value, making these oils great for cooking, health & skin care requirements.

Maa Traditional Lifestyle store touches every individual with many products related to health. We serve variety of traditional rice, Millets, Jaggery, Ghee and many such tribal and forest products that are not that commonly accessible to society living. Tribals and their colonies are our main source, and we ensure that they are also taken a step up in their life.

All our products are in-house and has no branded products available with us.